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Sabina Vargas

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Sabina Vargas

About Sabina:

What She's Sharing:

'Healing is Freedom', a video she created as a Capstone Project for her summer internship/fellowship with Summer Search. As Sabina explains:

"I wanted to create this video to show Summer Search staff and students how, through Summer Search, I was able to connect with amazing people and organizations. There are many things that have shaped who I am as a person today and Summer Search, alongside Freedom Community Clinic, have been big positive impacts in my life."

Watch her video below or on YouTube.

Some highlights:

  • Photos and reflections from Sabina's formative summer experience with Deer Hill Expeditions;
  • Sabina's growing connections with her ancestors (including her grandmother, Sabina, who she is named after) and indigenous healing practices; 
  • Her journey to finding the Freedom Community Clinic in Oakland;
  • Special appearance from Julie, also a Summer Search Bay Area 2022 Summer Fellow.

In closing, Sabina shares:

"It is never too late to start the journey of finding yourself and beginning to heal. You have to heal yourself first, in order to help bring healing to others. I believe a good place to start this journey is Freedom Community Clinic and within yourself."

Sabina Vargas in Mexika Danza Regalia

From Sabina: "What I'm wearing is my Mexika Danza Regalia and the headdress is called a Copilli, custom made with obsidian stones and over 100 feathers."

Thank you Sabina for sharing this incredible reflection and journey, and for being part of this wonderful Summer Search community.


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