December 10, 2021

The following is a message from Dr. Marc Spencer, Summer Search CEO.

Dear Summer Search Community,

It pains me to report that Tyson Clark, Chair of our National Finance Committee, passed away this week due to sudden complications from a health issue.

Tyson Clark

Tyson Clark. Photo courtesy of Google Ventures.

For those who didn't know him, Tyson was a father of three, a former naval officer, and General Partner at Google VenturesTyson was both a personal friend and a highly-respected member of the Bay Area community.

He lived the meaning of the words “giving back” through his service to Summer Search and other nonprofits. He was kind and compassionate to everyone around him. 

Courtesy of Kaufman Fellows.

We will keep you updated with information about a memorial service as we learn more. 

My thoughts are with Tyson's family and all who loved him. 

With care, 

Dr. Marc Spencer

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  1. I knew Tyson as a child at Travis AFB and SJAFB in North Carolina. He went to High School with my children. So sad to hear.

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