April 22, 2020

Looking for a fun way to take part in some well-being activities while social distancing? Check out Summer Search’s Survive & Thrive Bingo!

Summer Search Bingo cardSee full-sized Bingo card and instructions below.

This game was developed by Zavi Smith, Summer Search Bay Area Program Manager, in collaboration with several other mentors on the Bay Area and National teams. It’s one of the many ways our mentors have been getting creative as they continue to support our students while working remotely.

Bay Area Mentors - Zoom MeetingOur Bay Area High School Program staff collaborating remotely via a Zoom meeting.

As Zavi explains, “We’ve been brainstorming ways to engage students virtually. Mentors in the North Bay have been doing art and fitness challenges with their students. I saw similar challenges and self-care bingo cards on Instagram and gathered a list of potential activities.”

The activities on the Bingo card are not only fun ideas for supporting well being (such as Hug Yourself, Help Someone, or Try Meditation), but also serve as reflective fodder for mentoring discussions. Students are encouraged to share how they are completing each square with their mentor, in their virtual group sessions, or on social media.

“I am looking forward to seeing what student’s create,” Zavi says. “So far they have shared anticipation, curiosity, and excitement.”

Check out our Summer Searchers in action…


Pictured above we have Jieshan (top) hugging herself while virtually checking in with her mentor Reyna. We also have a creative drawing from Joey (left) and a selfie of Jackson going outside, safely!

Many members of the Summer Search staff are also excited about playing! Each week, the Bay Area team plans to share new Bingo cards with new activities for everyone to try.

So please join us! Read the instructions (and save the Bingo card) below and share how YOU are playing and staying well! Tag @SummerSearch and use #SummerSearchBingo.

How to Play Survive and Thrive Bingo

Summer Search Bingo Card - Week 1


Fun and fodder for discussion on well-being with students, staff, family, and more!


1. Download the Bingo Card:
Week 1 — click here to view/save
Week 2 — click here to view/save
• Or, click here for an editable Word document.

2. Determine the Objective
• Complete a BINGO (5 in a row)
• Or, complete the full card
• Decide if you want to make it competitive and/or add a prize/incentive!

3. Document Your Progress
• Take photos
• Share on social media (tag Summer Search!)
• Share with your mentor/group/coworkers/friends

4. Have Fun!

*Mentoring Discussion: Questions for Consideration*

• Which activities did you do? Why?
• What was the experience like?
• How did the action impact you?
• Did you share the experience with others?
• Which activities were the most comfortable/challenging?
• Do you have any suggestions for activities we should/could include?
• These activities were intended to support your well-being. What else have you been doing to support your well-being?

Bingo Card - Week 2

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