March 17

Press Play >> College Bound, Ep. 1


Press Play >> College Bound, Ep. 1

At Summer Search, our mentors and College Access and Success staff form deep connections with our students. They work step-by-step with them to build college-going mindsets and behaviors, and to navigate the process that will ultimately lead them on the path to college. And it works!

We asked a few of our high school seniors to sit down with their mentors to discuss their college-bound journeys. Our students even got to flip the script and ask some interview-style questions of their own!

So, sit back, relax, press play and enjoy listening to College Bound, Episode One:

Note: audio recordings have been edited for time.

Ibrahim and Sam


If you are having trouble playing the audio, try listening here.

Ibrahim, a senior at Encinal High School in the San Francisco Bay Area, is described by his mentor Sam Harrington as “a guy with a lot of heart,” who has a great deal of curiosity, and is someone who cares deeply about his friends, family and community.

Ibrahim has applied to 15 schools, including eight in the University of California (UC) / California State University (CSU) system, and has already been accepted to San Francisco State, San Diego State, UC Riverside and Earlham College (Indiana).

Luis and Andrae


If you are having trouble playing the audio, try listening here.

Luis, from New Mission High School in Boston, is determined to follow his dreams of getting into politics and becoming Mayor of Boston and even President of the United States some day!

With support from his mentor Andrae Laws, teachers and family, Luis found his “best-fit” school, Hamilton College, which he will be attending in the fall as a Posse Scholar! Luis and his older brother (also a Summer Searcher) are the first in their family to go to college.

Check out Episode Two to hear more student/mentor conversations!

And, please consider helping Summer Search continue to support the journeys of our amazing college-bound leaders. You can make a gift, or write a note of encouragement to our students heading off to college in the comments below!


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