July 13, 2015

As we highlighted in a previous post, wilderness programs make up about 58% of our 2015 summer trips. One recent wilderness trip, organized by Outward Bound California (OBCA), took a group of students from our three Bay Area sites for two weeks of backpacking and rock climbing in the Sierra National Forest.

(Photo from OBCA’s Facebook page)
One great moment on this trip came from Oakland student Curtavia, who thanks to the encouragement of the OBCA staff and her fellow Summer Searchers, was able to overcome her fear of heights and conquer the mountain! #GoForHard
Way to go Curtavia!
It’s moments like these, when one of our young explorers realizes they can overcome any obstacle, that make our summer trips so valuable, and why we are so grateful for programs like Outward Bound for making these experiences happen.
Check out OBCA’s photos from this trip »

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