July 8, 2015

We are proud to announce that Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, is teaming up with Summer Search!
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As part of their Open Homes philanthropic program, Airbnb is providing FREE Airbnb accommodations to our students and their families who are traveling for college visits and graduation celebrations this summer.

“We are thrilled to be able to support Summer Search families as they celebrate the achievements of their children on their paths to becoming college-educated leaders,” said Rae Richman, Head of Global Citizenship at Airbnb.

College visits and graduations are both huge milestones in any student’s life, especially for low-income and first-generation students. However, having family members travel for visits or commencement ceremonies is often a luxury many students cannot afford.

Take Angela Thai.

Like 90% of Summer Search students, she is the first in her family to attend and finish college. #FirstGen

In fact, she JUST graduated from the University of California, San Diego (Go Tritons!) with a degree in Public Health. Thanks to Open Homes, Angela’s Oakland-based parents and sisters were able to stay in San Diego to attend her graduation and support her during this monumental accomplishment in her life.


The trip also provided some time for relaxation, bonding and celebration with her family, who unfortunately lost their business and home during the economic recession and have been struggling since. The Airbnb home, just steps from the Pacific Ocean, created a perfect environment for the entire group.

As Angela put it, “Being such a close distance (to the beach) was definitely the most memorable part of the whole weekend. It was nice to be able to give my family three days of peace and relaxation away from their constantly working and stressed out selves. Thank you Airbnb and Summer Search for making that possible.”


We look forward to continuing to work with Airbnb to provide these kinds of opportunities to many more of our students. And we thank them (x7) for helping our students and their families #BelongAnywhere!

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