August 27, 2015

As you may already know, we at Summer Search are HUGE fans of experiential summer trips. Apparently, so are the fine folks at Roadtrip Nation.

This summer, they sent three young people who are interested in computer science on a four-week, cross-country #CodeTrip. All three road-trippers have backgrounds that are underrepresented in the tech industry, and this trip was meant to help them discover the exciting possibilities in the field.
We were honored that one of our own aspiring coders was selected for the trip: Summer Search Boston college student Natalie Melo. Before the trip, Natalie reflected on what she hoped to gain from this experience.

“I’m hoping to develop even more of a passion for computer science, and also… a confidence, just to know there are people like me…”
By the looks of things, Natalie and her two fellow code-trippers gained A LOT! They traveled from LA to Boston in a big green RV, interviewing a diverse group of professionals who have turned their passion for computer science into fulfilling careers at places like M.I.T, Microsoft and Netflix.

Check out the #CodeTrip website to see all of Natalie’s adventures. And, tune in next fall when Roadtrip Nation’s #CodeTrip will premiere on PBS.
Photos and video courtesy of Roadtrip Nation.

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