January 27, 2016

Last week, Summer Search was invited to participate in an engaging online conversation about one of our favorite topics…

In honor of National Mentoring Month, our friends at iMentor hosted the #Mentor4Success Twitter Chat. They invited several organizations (including both mentoring orgs and their supporting partners, like the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation) for a discussion about ideas and key issues surrounding the importance of mentoring in youth development, as well as ways to work together to improve outcomes for young people across the country.

Here are some of the highlights…

Caring Adults Can Transform Lives

Young people can benefit greatly from having relationships with caring adults who can provide guidance, advise and different perspectives in order to challenge mindsets/behaviors.


First-Gen Students Need Support

Students who are the first in their families to attend college often need more help navigating the unfamiliar terrain of higher education.


Mentoring Builds Skills For The Future

Mentoring relationships are crucial for empowering young people with the academic and economic skills they need for the future, especially when they are from lower-income communities.

Communication is Key

There was plenty of discussion about what characteristics help foster a prosperous and strong mentor/mentee relationship. Overall, trust, empathy, respect and open communication were the factors at the top of everyone’s list.


Share the Success

Every organization shared their own inspiring success stories. There were almost too many to count, but here are a few of our favorites:

Despite all these great stories of success, all the participants in the chat are well aware that there are still so many more underserved young people in America who have the potential for similar success, if given the opportunity.

Mentoring provides that opportunity for success.

Stay tuned as Summer Search wraps up National Mentoring Month by participating in another engaging mentoring discussion, this time at the 2016 National Mentoring Summit. More to come! #NationalMentoringMonth

View the full #Mentor4Success Twitter Chat »

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