June 8, 2021

Jason joined Summer Search Boston in early 2020. He was eager to begin meeting with his mentor and especially looking forward to his wilderness experience.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck and the world went into lockdown. For the safety of Summer Searchers and their families, we pivoted to elective virtual summer programs in 2020.

Jason made a decision.

To provide additional support for his family, Jason spent his summer taking on more hours at the grocery store he'd been working at for two years. He didn’t stop there. He also volunteered in the community, while finding the time to complete driving school classes to get his license! 

Jason from Summer Search Boston

Jason, from Summer Search Boston.

In 2021, now that we can return to in-person programming, Jason (like many
other Summer Search high school juniors who missed out on their first trips) is excited to finally go on the summer experience he was promised. He'll be spending two weeks of hiking and backpacking with the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School in Maine!

While Jason was discouraged last year when he couldn't go, he is ready to make the most of it.

"I'm looking forward to making up for what was lost last summer, experience something new and exciting."

When asked why he decided to stick it out with Summer Search even though his trip was canceled last year, Jason said without hesitation:

"Because of all the other benefits. The trip isn't everything. My mentor, being able to check in with Darryl. He helped with my college essay, helping me find community service opportunities and more. Summer Search is helpful in helping students achieve whatever it is they want to achieve."

Does Jason have any concerns about his trip this summer? "Nope! Just excited."

Following high school, Jason hopes to attend Northeastern University to study business/marketing with a minor in psychology. Beyond that, he has his sights on Law School.

Join us in saying good luck to Jason, and the rest of our Summer Searchers who will be embarking on new journeys this summer!

Summer is Back - Wilderness Photo

Summer Search students on a wilderness experience with Deer Hill in 2017.

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