December 11, 2015

“ICYMI” is the hip, social-media-shortened way to say “in case you missed it,” FYI.
So, ICYMI, we have been talking about giving. A lot. After all, ’tis the season! #SeasonOfGiving

Giving back and giving thanks are very important to us here at Summer Search. We are so proud to see these values carried on by our students from high school, to college, into their careers and beyond. #RippleEffect
Recently, Summer Search San Francisco alum Tommy Lam — who graduated from UCLA in 2010 and is now pursuing a nursing degree from California State University, Channel Islands — shared why he gives back to Summer Search.
We are so grateful to Tommy for taking the time in between all his classes and studying to think of us. Even a little gift goes a long way.
And don’t worry Tommy, you just focus on finishing your nursing degree and taking the next step in your career. That’s enough of a gift for us!
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