April 29, 2022

As many of you know, May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Summer Search is once again proud to be a publicity partner with the APA Heritage Foundation in San Francisco, the city where we were founded.

This partnership came from a recommendation of our Summer Search Bay Area's Non-Black POC affinity space. We're grateful to our teams for creating these spaces and groups where our staff can support each other and lift up important issues and conversations.

AAPI Heritage Month 2022

The APA Heritage Foundation has compiled an online Celebration Guide with a list of events (virtual and in-person) taking place this month.

APASF's celebration guide offers opportunities to explore AAPI films, foods, and culture through a wide range of activities, events, and programs in the month of May!

AAPI Month Celebration Guide Categories

The celebration theme this year is Forging Community Bonds, words that are in line with what we do at Summer Search, each and every day.

We're all about building relationships and community: our participants not only form impactful relationships with our mentors, but also with their fellow students (through things like Group Mentoring and Summer Experiences). Our students also utilize Summer Search CONNECT, our growing digital platform, where they can tap into Summer Search's expansive community of support (students and alumni across the world, local and national staff, board members, partners, and others). 

This month, and every month, we encourage, celebrate, and affirm the experiences and resilience of our participants, and we proudly uplift their voices and stories.

As always, Summer Search stands with and for our students and families regardless of immigration status, gender, sexuality, race, ability, or religion.

AAPI Month Illustration by Decue Wu

Cover illustration by @decue_wu.

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