May 16, 2022

The following is a message from Nick Hutchinson, Summer Search's Interim CEO.

Dear Summer Search Community,

On Saturday, a terrorist shot and killed ten people and injured three others in Buffalo. The shooter was a white nationalist. Nearly all of the victims were Black.

Like many of you, I spent much of the weekend reading accounts of the shooting and learning about the people lost, who were sons, daughters, grandmothers, missionaries, and public servants. 

This violence is heartbreaking. It’s also the tragically familiar result of an epidemic of white nationalism and extremist conspiracy theories that extend well beyond Buffalo. This kind of hate — an abhorrent mix of racism and weapons of war — is uniquely American. It affects all of us.

My sympathy is with the victims and their families.

My thoughts and care are with our Summer Search community, especially our BIPOC staff, supporters, and participants. I am here for you.

If you're compelled to act, I encourage you to join or support Everytown.

Please take care of yourself and each other.

With care, 

Nick Hutchinson

Nick Hutchinson

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Summer Search 

Advancing Equity in American Healthcare

Summer Search CJE: It Starts With a Conversation

Summer Search's Championing for Justice & Equity (CJE) series is a three-year conversation on race, justice, and systemic inequity.

Our next virtual CJE event will focus on Advancing Equity in American Healthcare and Mental Health with experts in the fields of self-care, suicide prevention, and accessing psychological services.

We hope you'll join us 6.28.22 >>

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