October 18, 2016

This is a guest post written by Summer Search alumnus Edgar Garcia, who recently produced the video below for our National Alumni Matching Gift Challenge. Edgar is a freelance video producer. More information about his work can be found on his website.

My name is Edgar Garcia. I am a 2006 Summer Search alumnus and I produced the video you just watched. It will be distributed throughout the National Alumni Network to promote this unique opportunity for Summer Search. Not only did I get to work on this video, but I’ve also had the pleasure of being involved in many other great projects for Summer Search.


One of those occurred last month, when former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan endorsed Summer Search as part of PBS’s American Graduate Day program.

As you can imagine, this was a big deal for Summer Search as it was for me because I filmed the interview! There was a lot of planning that went into this project on such short notice, and the entire production only lasted less than an hour. But the experience of meeting Arne and the reason why I was there will stay with me for a long time.

edgar-film-arneEdgar Garcia (left) preparing to film Summer Search’s interview with Arne Duncan in Chicago.

Summer Search creates opportunities. I am incredibly thankful to them for believing in me and trusting me with planning, producing, and delivering videos like these, because they know that I have just as much invested in the success of a given campaign as they do.

I started off this year with a leap of faith and decided to invest my time and energy in building my own video production business.

Video has been my creative outlet since high school when I used to make short videos of my little sister’s birthday celebrations or park visits. Anything she would do, I would record. Now I get the chance to produce more intricate videos for clients like Summer Search, the Hayward Unified School District, Wu Yee Children’s Services, and Habla Conmigo Academy.

This Alumni Matching Gift video is a testament of my work at this moment and where I want to be, what I need to work on, what I need to do to progress my craft.


Just as Summer Search has given me the opportunity to showcase my skills, I am returning the favor by giving back.

While editing the interviews of my fellow Summer Search alumni—Niles, Shirley, Joseph, and Kate—I felt the need to also make it a habit to give back just like they do. So, I stopped editing for a minute, and made the biggest contribution to Summer Search I ever have. It felt really good. I guess the video is off to a good start!

It’s important to show all Summer Search participants that you, as an alum, are present and active. It does not have to be monetary. By showing up to events and communicating what it is that you’re doing, you’re opening up the possibility to connect with current students and alumni.

After filming his interview, Niles and I had the opportunity to connect and learn about our businesses. Because of that meeting, just last week we worked together on a series of videos. That’s the cool thing about being a part of the Alumni Network, the chance to connect and collaborate.

As Summer Search continues to expand, they continue to support students in all walks of life and help us achieve greatness.

In addition to all the great work Edgar has done behind the camera, he also was willing to jump in front of the camera to star in this video for us a few years ago:


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  1. Could job Edgar. this is coming from an long time alumni and filmmaker as well. Love what you do and everything else will fall in the place I guarantee it. It did for me.
    Your friend, Carlton

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