September 18, 2020

Summer Search alumni represent a rich tapestry of voices, experiences, and leadership. This growing network of nearly 4,000 leaders is making a positive impact in the world and at Summer Search.

One crucial way they are making an impact is through giving back — whether that’s giving back to their local communities by volunteering, voting, working in the nonprofit sector, or donating.

We are incredibly grateful for our alumni’s generosity. Over the years, Summer Search alumni have graciously given with their dollars to support the young people in our program, with alumni generating revenue topping $200,000 last year.

In 2020, alumni are once again rallying to support Summer Search at a most critical time.

As you can see in the above video, this year’s Alumni Participation Challenge is spearheaded by leaders of Summer Search’s Alumni and Regional boards:

(In order of appearance)

Marie Angeles, Seattle

Tommy Tran, Boston

Bao-Chau Do, Seattle

Pascal Louis, New York City

Marie Pierre, Bay Area

Lorraine Cawili, Bay Area

Ashley Morgan, Philadelphia

Plus, the video was edited by Bay Area alumnus Edgar Garcia!

The Summer Search Alumni Leaders involved in the Alumni Participation Challenge video.

The goal of the campaign is to get 250 more alumni to make gifts of any amount by September 30. If we reach that participation goal, a donor has pledged an additional $100,000!!

We’re off to a great start! 50 alumni gave in the first week and we’re already 50% of the way to the goal — we just need 125 more alumni!

It bears repeating a million times that we are forever grateful for our Summer Search alumni family. Thank you for all the ways you show up in your homes, communities, in the world… and for the next generation of Summer Searchers!

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