May 14, 2020

Traditionally, the beginning of May is College Signing Day, a time when high school seniors are encouraged to share and celebrate their post-secondary plans, especially on social media.

However, with COVID-19 disproportionately impacting low-income communities, the path towards higher education for the young people we partner with has become even more challenging.

Some students are facing uncertainty over college decisions, as well as the prospect of virtual-only classes during the upcoming fall semester. Many are also worrying about having their basic needs met — necessitating emergency relief funding for essential things like groceries, utilities, and housing.

Despite all of these unprecedented challenges, our young people at Summer Search continue to show the power and resilience within themselves. The power to be unstoppable as they push forward and pursue their dreams. With unwavering support from their mentors, Summer Searchers are finishing high school and taking the next steps on their journeys… and they deserve to celebrate these milestones!

Summer Searchers Decisions

So, here are a few of the Summer Searchers who shared their post-secondary decisions this month. Join us in saying congratulations!

Imere, West Chester University

Imere — West Chester University

“As a first generation college student, I couldn’t be any more proud of myself,” shared Philadelphia Summer Searcher Imere on his Instagram account.

Imere is looking forward to diving into his major at WCU — Education, saying “I can’t wait for the next 4 years to begin! Future Black Male Educator right here!”

Diane, UCLA

Diane — University of California, Los Angeles

Diane, a Bay Area student, shared this sunny photo on Instagram, and said simply that she is “so happy to call myself a Bruin.”

Michelle, Umass

Michelle — University of Massachusetts

Boston Summer Searcher Michelle proudly showed off her UMass sweatshirt, while reflecting on her journey to becoming a first-generation college student.

“I’m the oldest in my family and the first one to go to college so you can imagine how much pressure I’ve held through these past few years. But I’m making it.”

Dora UW

Dora — University of Washington

Dora announced that she won’t be going too far from home, or her fellow Summer Search Seattle students, as she plans to study Psychology at UW!

Shaylah Air Force

Shaylah — United States Air Force

In a very real and personal post, Shaylah (from Philadelphia) looked back on the many ups and downs on her journey so far, and reflected on her resilience to keep striving to succeed.

“If you know me, then you know I had a long 4 years of high school. But look at me. I made it… I kept my head held high and never folded under pressure. I will be committing to the US Air Force after high school and I couldn’t be happier.”

Will, Mansfield University

Will — Mansfield University

Will (also from Philly) kept it short and sweet with his post-secondary proclamation, saying he was “proud to announce that I will be attending Mansfield University.”

Ingrys, USC

Ingrys — University of Southern California

Bay Area Summer Searcher Ingrys revealed on her Instagram that she had decided on her dream school!

“[My] dream came true. Ya girl is going to the University of Southern California. Fight on!”

Fatimah, WCU

Fatimah — West Chester University

Fatimah worked hard, set her intentions, and achieved her goal of going to college… WCU specifically!

“I believe that you can manifest anything and this is one thing I have manifested! I knew from the start that this was my school. I have officially committed to West Chester University.”

Derrick, Hampton University

Derrick — Hampton University

Derrick got a shout out from his high school, Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia, on his decision to attend Hampton to study electrical engineering!

Thorne Twins

Tamir & Temile — Holy Family University

Boys’ Latin also congratulated the Thorne Twins on their double-decision to attend Holy Family University!

BONUS: Watch teachers from Boys’ Latin surprise their seniors (including many familiar faces) with drive-by celebrations!

Hannah, University of Washington

Hannah — University of Washington

As she looks ahead to becoming a UW Husky, Hannah from Summer Search Seattle shared a powerful perspective during such an uncertain time in the world.

“Just gotta keep looking forward to the next good thing.” That’s a pretty good thing, indeed.

Makayla, WCU

Makayla — West Chester University

Speaking of good things, Makayla will be joining fellow Philly Summer Searchers Imere and Fatimah at West Chester University, and has decided to major in Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry!

We’ll just let her inspiring Instagram post tell the rest:

“My senior year did not go as planned. I have struggled with trying to deal with many different things since the start of senior year all the way up until now. All while still maintaining a 3.7 GPA and getting accepted to 25+ colleges and got a scholarship from each one of the schools… Thank you to my friends and family for helping me, motivating me, and guiding me the right way. Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 2020.”

For any other Summer Searchers in the Class of 2020: share your post-secondary decision and tag @SummerSearch!

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