August 17, 2015

Back to School. It’s just around the corner. For Summer Search’s graduating high school class of 2015, Back to School is a time to take that new, next step forward… onto a college campus.

Of the 484 graduating seniors, 446 are planning to continue on to college. That’s a 92% matriculation rate* for our Summer Searchers, compared to a rate of just 51% for their low-income peers nationally.*

Here’s a snapshot of where our students are headed in the fall:

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“Other” includes military, one-year post-secondary and vocational / technical programs.

Most Popular Public SchoolsMost Popular Private Schools
UMass Boston (MA)Colby Sawyer (NH)
San Francisco State (CA)Boston College (MA)
UC Santa Cruz (CA)Boston University (MA)
University of Washington (WA)Wesleyan University (CT)


Plus, Summer Search will be represented in five Ivy League schools: Brown, Penn, Columbia, Princeton and Yale!

We wish the best of luck to our new college freshman class, and to all our Summer Searchers going back to school this fall!

*Statistical Notes:

  • All stats as of August 12, 2015.
  • 92% matriculation rate is the intended rate, based on each student’s final college decision.
  • Low-income graduation rate courtesy of National Center for Education Statistics, 2012 Digest of Educational Statistics.

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