• طاقم العمل المجتمعي

سام لاركان

موضع: مدير علاقات المانحين الأول | بوسطن

الضمائر: هي | لها


Acadia National Park, ME. | Why outdoors? Because the ocean is magical and the cure to any problem.

بلدي الحيوي:

Sam believes strongly that every individual deserves access to opportunity and the support system to help them reach their potential.

Before joining the Summer Search team, Sam worked in development and communications for a variety of non profits, primarily focused on education and women and youth empowerment. Her most recent role was at a local charter public school and she looks forward to continuing to work to support the students of Boston. Her passion lies in working for organizations that are creating positive change in their communities.

Sam holds a Bachelors degree in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University. Outside of work she enjoys reading, yoga and travelling to see as much of the world as she can.

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