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ميا بيريوس (السيدة ب)

موضع: منسق ما بعد الثانوي (المسارات) | مدينة نيويورك

الضمائر: هي | لها


Brooklyn, NY. | This view means a lot to me, it represents my growth because it took a lot to get here.

بلدي الحيوي:

A Native New Yorker Brooklyn Raised, B is a first Generation College Graduate. B comes from a mixed background of Hispanic, African American and Native American Indian. She grew up in a low income household and low income community with a very strict upbringing. B has been working in the Human Service field for almost a decade and found her calling in helping others. B hopes to constantly add positivity to her team and be a warm welcoming relatable presence to her students.

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