2022 annual report


In 2022, we dusted off the isolation and restrictions and emerged...

Our students and mentors re-engaged with in-person mentoring, lively events, and experiential learning in the outdoors and abroad. Our staff returned to the office to share space, collaborate, and foster deep connections with our participants.

Still, the world has changed. The needs of our students have shifted; their visions have evolved.

Together, we adapt. Together, we move forward.

This report is a testament to the strength of our community and the power of our shared vision and collective voice.

It's a celebration of Summer Searchers' accomplishments, resiliency, and sense of purpose.

We invite you to explore our 2022 Annual Report - open / download our PDF version, or scroll through our interactive web version below.

Visit our Financials page for more details on Summer Search's financial position in closing Fiscal Year '22 (Oct. 1, 2021 to Sep. 30, 2022).


Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith

Summer Search Seattle Alumna & Co-Founder of Sea Potential

"To me, having 'No Ceilings' means not letting expectations be your limitations, whether those are coming from others or yourself.

Having 'No Ceilings' means that you could always level-up if you choose to. It means allowing yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and go places that you haven't been before."

Bay Area Community Hike 2022

Bay Area students, staff, and an Associate Board member on a Community Hike.


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Grounding & Forward

Us (Who We Are)


Summer Programs





In This Together


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Language: Our language choices reflect our commitments to being a participant-centered program and our Community Agreements. We speak about Summer Search’s programming from an asset-based perspective, limiting deficit-based language. We work to help our participants see their lived-experiences as strengths. We celebrate the communities we serve.

High School Graduation:
Percentage of students who graduated high school in four years.

College Acceptance:
Percentage of high school seniors who graduated and were accepted to a two or four year college.

College Graduation:
Percentage of students who were accepted to college and earned a Bachelor's degree within six years of high school graduation. Includes high school grads from 2007-2016.

Summer Search Class Year:
The majority of our students and alumni identify their Summer Search class year as the same as their high school graduation class year.

Summer Search students on an experience with Minnesota Outward Bound.


Stacey Thompson

Stacey Thompson

Summer Search Bay Area Alumna & Summer Search National Director of Learning and Development

Ursulina Ramirez, CEO

Ursulina Ramirez

Summer Search CEO

Malika Graham-Bailey

Malika Graham-Bailey

Summer Search VP of Program

Teke Kelley

Teke Kelley

Summer Search National Board Chair & Founder, Gordon-Creed, Kelley, Holl, Angel & Sugerman

Grounding By Stacey Thompson

At Summer Search, we practice Depth Mentoring, an approach that both:

  • Acknowledges and addresses the realities faced by our young people and our staff mentors;
  • Encourages tapping into our internal wisdom to learn about one’s self, connect with others, and leverage our strengths to move through challenges.

We practice the art of pausing to help calm ourselves during moments of stress. This enables our students and mentors to be present and supportive partners to each other during difficult times and conversations.

In 2022, we got a lot of practice. We saw another year of social, political, and economic conflict; from restricting access to voting, coordinated censorship of Black and Brown history, as well as more legislative and literal attacks on LGBTQIA2-S lives. 

This, on top of the challenges that our young people (the majority of whom are Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and first-generation individuals) already face. From the fundamental, complicated, and nuanced journey of being an adolescent, to the pervasive systemic barriers - which includes restricted access to high-quality education, mentoring, growth opportunities, and networks.

These are not just headlines, but real-life traumas that affect so many of us, especially in communities where our students and many of our staff come from.

Nevertheless, our young people are strong. They are not defined by the systems of oppression into which they are born. Summer Searchers continue to thrive not only in our five communities, but across the United States and the world.

Our foundation is strong because it's based on our practices of supporting and attuning to each other. We are a community.

Just as we do at Summer Search, we invite you, the reader, to join us in pausing - to listen, to lean-in, and to reflect. As a 33-year-old organization, our growth is directly tied to how we listen to and learn from our community, especially our participants and staff.

So, we invite you to pause, breathe, explore this Annual Report (including the next section for a wonderful reflection from a Summer Searcher on a moment where they paused)...and see for yourself.

We also invite you to explore our Community Agreements for how we work together, take care of ourselves and others, and foster safe space at work.

~ Stacey

A Moment to Pause...

Merari Reyes

A reflection from Merari Reyes, Summer Search Boston Alumnus, from his Minnesota Outward Bound experience during his sophomore year of high school.

"Our team leader asked us to just stop, take a break, and a few deep breaths. I first thought it was ridiculous and wanted to keep looking for a campsite. But I decided to calm down and took a few deep breaths.

At that moment, I found myself looking up at the stars. The sky was pitch black with shiny specks of lights all around it. It was peaceful. I didn’t care about finding a campsite anymore. I just wanted to gaze at the stars. I thought about where I was in life, about what it meant to be a Summer Searcher.

Though I didn’t recognize it at first, the meeting with the stars was a familiar feeling. It was what my mentor and I did often, the only difference was that we didn’t meet late at night, in the middle of a lake, after hours of searching for a campsite.

I used the time on the lake to think about my life. I decided that I would spend more time reflecting and thinking about what was ahead of me. I made the decision, in that moment, that I would be the first in my family to graduate from high school and college."

Welcome Ursulina!

"As a leader, I want to make sure that I'm bringing more chairs to the table. That I'm raising up Black and Brown voices. That Summer Search is an inclusive environment where people feel like they belong, they have a voice, and their voice is being heard. 

I am hopeful and excited about the future of Summer Search, a future that will be shaped by those voices: of the young people and families we serve, our staff and committed board members, and partners and supporters."

Summer Search is honored to welcome Ursulina Ramirez as our Chief Executive Officer!

In November, Ursulina visited Summer Search's office in Oakland, California to talk with Marie Pierre -- Summer Search Boston Alumna, Bay Area Board Member, and Co-Chief of Staff of Portfolio Management at Hall Capital. Watch a clip from their conversation below:

Welcome Malika!

"One of the things that really intrigued me when exploring Summer Search was its direct and unapologetic commitment to serving Black and Brown youth.

I’m inspired to drive those stated values home.

We can’t shy away from dismantling the obstacles faced by our Summer Searchers from historically marginalized communities. Those obstacles are felt in every aspect of what we do and all the systems that support our program behind the scenes."

Summer Search has been honored to welcome Malika Graham-Bailey, our Vice President of Program!

Since joining the team, Malika has been busy traveling across our network to each of our sites to learn how our programs operate in the regions, how they work with the communities, and how Summer Search mentors are serving our young people. 

A Message From Teke Kelley

In 2022, we emerged from isolation and travel restrictions. Our students re-engaged with their mentors by meeting with them in-person, and they once again traveled domestically and abroad for the experiential learning opportunities that are a cornerstone of our program.

Our staff returned to the office which allowed them to collaborate with each other and to foster deeper connections with our participants. Our board members also resumed meeting in person.

But as we move toward normalcy, we acknowledge that the world has changed and that the needs of our students have shifted. In order to meet our students evolving needs, we are adapting as we move forward.

Our organizational dynamism is reflected in the ongoing realization of our Strategic Initiatives.

  • We have redesigned our post-secondary program to better support seniors in their transition beyond high school graduation;
  • We have honed our career services program to provide Summer Searchers with expanded opportunities aligned with their career ambitions;
  • We have raised $75 million in support of No Ceilings, our 3-year programmatic vision, ensuring that Summer Search can continue to grow and serve our students in this changing world. Thank you to everyone who participated in this successful campaign!

2022 was also a year of leadership transition. After four successful years, Dr. Marc Spencer moved on from his role as CEO, while remaining as a member of our National Board of Directors. I’m grateful to Marc for his leadership on No Ceilings and his work to expand our program to better prepare our participants for success beyond college. Thank you as well to Nick Hutchinson for serving as our interim CEO and expertly leading us through this transition.

We were honored to welcome Ursulina Ramirez as our new CEO. Ursulina’s career has been dedicated to serving students in under-represented communities, and her experience in both the public and private sector will serve our organization well. Earlier in the year, we also welcomed Malika Graham-Bailey as our new Vice President of Program!

Ursulina and Malika bring decades of experience in youth development and educational equity, and as Women Leaders of Color, they embody Summer Search's value of centering People of Color and are reflective of our commitment to having our staff and leadership be representative of our students and alumni.

We have strong leadership, we are financially sound, and our organization is well-positioned for the future.

This report, the story of our 2022, is a celebration of our Summer Searchers' accomplishments, resiliency, and sense of purpose. It is also a testament to the strength of our community and the power of our shared vision and collective effort. Thank you for your partnership.

~ Teke

Philadelphia Wilderness Prep Day 2022

Summer Search Philadelphia students Jaz, Nate, Alize,and Justin at their 2022 Wilderness Prep Day.



Our People

NYC Staff Summer 2022

NYC staff gathering for a summer celebration.

Summer Searchers define us and keep us moving forward.

  • Our participants, alumni, and their families inspire us with their authenticity, vulnerability, and their bold visions for their futures.
  • Our staff drives us by showing up and finding new and innovative ways to be there for our students and their families.
  • Our board members, partners, and supporters empower us to grow, evolve, and expand the opportunities we provide our participants.
  • Our Communities

    33 Years: 8,586 Unstoppable Summer Searchers!


    We prefer stories to statistics. However, we gratefully present the subsequent stats that we hope tell (at least a part of) the story of the resilience, dedication, and ambition of our Summer Searchers, as well as the innovation and care of our staff and supporters.


    Mental Health Matters

    Mental health awareness is embedded in all aspects of our programing. We are committed to integrating and investing in more mental health supports for staff and students. This includes:

    • Supporting students and staff to build self-awareness and practices around their own Well-Being in their everyday lives;
    • Training for staff on mental health first aid, participant safety and state-specific mandated reporter training;
    • Contracting with local mental health clinicians to support participants when extreme cases arise and, as a resource for our staff to deal with second-hand trauma;
    • Partnering with To Be Honest (‘tbh’) to curate small virtual groups of post-secondary students to meet weekly with professional coaches, all of whom specialize in mental health services;

    Supporting Our Staff

    Well-being, flexibility, and ongoing learning and development are pillars of our culture. We value our staff and are committed to creating an environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

    We continue to prioritize staff well-being by providing flexible sick leave, accommodating flexible schedules, supplementing federal benefits, and providing a range of supports to promote mental health and self-care.

    We are providing tools and shifting expectations so that staff can be well-resourced and show up fully for our participants. In 2022, that included:

    • Committing to transparent compensation practices, annual COLA increases, and market-based adjustments, as needed;
    • Offering insurance that covers costs of therapy, EAP benefits linked to mental health, and funds available for trainings and support related to self-care and well-being;
    • Launching a comprehensive Employee Recognition Program that includes a paid sabbatical program, professional development funding, spot awards from peers and managers, workaversaries, and more;
    • Introducing a Performance & Engagement Platform that allows staff to collaborate and celebrate their goals and achievements with their managers and teams;
    • Implementing a new learning management system to support ongoing learning and development for all staff.
    Jeff Dorigan

    Jeff Dorigan

    Summer Search Boston Board Chair, Senior VP at Brown Brothers Harriman

    "At Summer Search we don't shy away from difficult topics. It's important to show up together in talking openly about mental health."

    From "Advancing Equity in Mental Health", a Summer Search Championing for Justice & Equality (CJE) event.

    Mentoring - Bay Area student and mentors

    Bay Area student Leydi (right) and mentors Barb and Mira at the Bay Area 2022 Community Celebration.


    AJ Gutierrez

    AJ Gutierrez

    Summer Search Boston Alumnus, Board Member,

    & Co-Founder of Saga Education

    "It’s one of the amazing things about Summer Search - having these crucial conversations with [my mentor] Emily and the people at Summer Search were really important in terms of my development as a person.

    Having someone to check in with regularly, and holding me accountable for the goals I was setting for myself, was so transformative, because it created conditions where I had connections with a caring adult."

    Depth Mentoring is the cornerstone of our program model.

    Students build long-term, trusting peer and mentor relationships through 1:1 and peer group mentoring facilitated by our professionally trained mentoring staff.

    Here. For Students.

    Viche', Kadija, and Marisa

    Seattle mentor Viche' with students Kadija and Marisa at Seattle's Dream. See. Do. Day.

    Conscious Connections & Safe Spaces

    The center of our mentors' work is offering a safe space for our young people to be themselves while supporting them on their journey to realizing their dreams.

    Throughout 2022, mentoring continued virtually via phone, Zoom, and text. With careful office reopening plans and safety measures in place, students, families, and mentors were also able to connect in-person, some for the first time since joining our program.

    Together, mentors and students navigate the ups and downs of high school, explore their career and life ambitions, reflect on what it means to be a teenager in the 21st century, and so much more. The need for quality and consistent mentoring remains as critical as ever.

    89% of students said Group Mentoring...

    ...gave them a chance to strengthen their Social & Emotional Learning Skills.

    This past year, all five of our communities fully-integrated Group Mentoring, which has been transformational in improving a broad range of outcomes within our mentoring curriculum.

    During the course of group mentoring, participants have noted an increase in their social and emotional learning skills, agency, and critical consciousness, which allows them to examine their current situations, develop a deeper understanding about their concrete reality, and devise, implement, and evaluate solutions to their problems.

    Soel from Bay Area


    Summer Search Bay Area High School Student

    ... reflecting on his experience in Mentoring

    "Starting with mentoring, it has been nice to have someone I can talk to who will always listen to me and provide great advice...

    Another great tool from Summer Search is group mentoring. It is great to see my friends there and get to know other people and discuss several topics during our time. Group mentoring has opened my mind to many topics that I don’t usually think about.

    It has also helped me look through my own experiences and recall events from the past that are important to the person I am now."

    Julia and her Group Mentoring students.

    Julia Staron

    Summer Search Boston High School Mentor

    ...on why she became a Mentor

    "I became a mentor to be the person I needed when I was in high school.

    I find so much joy and fulfillment from supporting and advocating for my students, and helping them navigate pathways they didn't know existed." 

    Depth Mentoring Support & Growth

    Supporting Mentors

    Our Depth Mentoring approach would not work without Summer Search’s dedicated, professionally-trained mentors — the ones who take tremendous care to build and maintain those authentic and long-lasting relationships with our students!

    This year, with offices reopening, our mentors have been able to come together in community to support each other, share best practices, and continue learning.

    As mentioned earlier, we also continue to invest in the services of mental health clinicians to offer on-going mental health supports to participants and mentors.

    DMI at Deer Hill

    Depth Mentoring and Deer Hill

    In 2019, we launched our Depth Mentoring Institute (DMI) to deliver a consistent approach to developing our program teams. This past summer, we moved to sharing Summer Search's unique mentoring framework with external audiences by piloting DMI with our longtime summer program partner, Deer Hill Expeditions.

    The two-day experiential training workshop with Deer Hill leadership and staff focused on building Conscious Connections and provided tools for youth-serving professionals to:

    • Develop the confidence and capacity for authentic, cross-cultural, and intersectional engagement;
    • Ensure trauma sensitivity and readiness;
    • Establish safe, healthy, stable spaces during programming.

    Reimagining Student Recruitment

    Philly students with Mentor Muffy

    Philadelphia high school students with their mentor Muffy.

    Philadelphia students Phatamarha, El-Veta, and Jay at a Summer Game Night student event.

    Philadelphia students Phatamarha, El-Veta, and Jay at a Summer Game Night student event.

    528 New Summer Searchers!

    Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our Outreach staff moved most of our student recruitment online. For the '21-22 academic year, our teams utilized a hybrid approach, both virtual and in-person, based on local safety guidelines.


    We welcomed 528 new Summer Searchers in 2022!


    We increased in recruitment of Black and Brown students by 10% YOY!

    This included:

    • Presentations/orientations to students and families held in schools and via Zoom, often in multiple languages.
    • Improving our online application and documentation for better accessibility for students/families.
    • Current Summer Searchers encouraged to nominate sophomores, increasing our pool of applicants.
    • Social media continued to be utilized to share perspectives about the benefits of joining and keep prospective students engaged and informed.

    We're truly grateful for our staff and community for the ways they have continued to innovate in order to enroll a new class of deserving young people. 

    Celebrating the Class of 2022

    NYC University Heights Grads 2022

    NYC grads from University Heights High School - Joanna, Tania, Sakura, Zanelle, Andrew, Rafnny, Michelle (Valedictorian!), & George - with their mentor Danya.

    Starting their Summer Search journeys in 2020...

    ... when the pandemic struck, these high school students didn't have a "normal" Summer Search experience, being forced to adapt to quarantines, distanced and hybrid learning, social unrest, and so much uncertainty.

    Still, they handled the changes with grace, resilience, and determination.

    As our mentors shared on social media: "These students deserve every ounce of admiration and recognition - YOU DID THAT!!!"


    of seniors in the Class of 2022 graduated from high school.


    of seniors were accepted into a 2- or 4-year college.


    of seniors intend to matriculate to a post-secondary program.

    Summer Search continues to support all students, including those entering the workforce, taking a gap year, starting military service, or more.

    Capture My Summer Blog Cover

    Photos by Boston students Isaac, Leyna, and Jessica - all three winners of Summer Search Boston's first ever #CaptureMySSummer22 Photo Contest!


    Leyna from Boston - Summer Photo


    Summer Search Boston High School Student

    My peers and I are taking our first steps on the path of growth and expansion with Summer Search. 
    To me, this photo represents new opportunities and friendships for all of us city kids. Nothing beats this moment of collective silence we shared as we encountered this 
    beautiful scenery.”

    Reflecting on her photo during her Environmental Justice Brigade summer experience.

    Back Outside, Together

    First Summer Since 2019...

    "One thing about Summer Search: we stay outside!" - @summersearchphilly

    Thanks to the planning, prep, and partnership of our entire community, this summer was the first since 2019 where we saw a full return to in-person summer programming! 

    From late June through the end of August, more than 550 Summer Searchers - high school sophomores, juniors, and even a few seniors - participated in:

    Boston trip to Puerto Rico with the Fuller Center

    Boston students and mentors on a service trip in Puerto Rico with the Fuller Center for Housing.

    Identity & Connection

    Philly Environmental Justice Mural Painting

    Philadelphia students Blessyn and Chloe painting a mural during their Environmental Justice Brigade experience.

    Shian from NYC with Global Routes 2022

    NYC student Shian on an outdoors experience in Colorado with Global Routes.

    These summer experiences mark a turning point for high school participants...

    ... where they begin to (and continue to) recognize their own personal power, strengths, and abilities to navigate future challenges. Upon returning home, participants reflected on their experiences and worked to integrate learnings and lessons from their trips with the support of their mentor. 


    of students agreed they had opportunities for identity exploration and reflection (on their summer experiences).


    of students agreed they had opportunities to develop group social skills.

    Coast-to-coast, Summer Searchers also expressed how welcome and important the social aspects of their experiences were to them. After so much isolation and uncertainty, these summer programs offered unique opportunities for connection and camaraderie.

    Dani, a NYC student reflecting on his wilderness experience with Chewonki, explains:  

    "I forgot how much as a kid I just enjoyed spending time with other people, and it was something I had to relearn... especially being in quarantine and not being with that many people. Something that I thought wasn’t going to be easy for me to do became very natural." 

    Tashi Diaz, New York City's Summer Program Manager, created this video to showcase the voices and reflections of Summer Search NYC students and staff, as well as some of our summer partners, as they looked back on their 2022 summer experiences. As Tashi describes:

    "During the summer, our students, many who were hesitant to travel after experiencing the pandemic, go on some really amazing and life changing trips. Below is what they experienced."

    Capturing the Experience

    Boston Student Photos with 100cameras

    Partnership with 100cameras

    This summer we relished being back in person and wanted to capture it all.

    Our Environmental Justice Brigade program in Boston partnered with an organization called 100cameras, providing the opportunity for students to look at environmental justice issues through the lens of photography.

    The program culminated in a gallery walk at our offices where students displayed selected photos for their families and guests. Photos can be viewed and are for sale here - all proceeds go back to Summer Search!

    Bay Area Class of 2022 Grads

    Bay Area high school graduates celebrating with their mentors and families.


    Sumeet Chadha

    Sumeet Chadha

    Summer Search Seattle Alumnus

    & Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon Prime Video

    "Summer Search helped me get to college and helped me manifest the life that I have today.

    I don't think I would've been anywhere near as accomplished as I am at 32 without the support of Summer Search believing in me at a young age."

    Our Post-Secondary program provides our participants with individualized support as they explore their many options after high school and carve unique paths into adulthood.

    Supporting Transitions & Pathways

    Philly Class of 2022

    Philadelphia Class of 2022 celebrating with their mentors.

    Many Pathways. More Supports.

    In 2022, we piloted our new Transition Program to create a stronger bridge between high school and the first year of our participants’ post-secondary path.

    This change extends the mentoring relationship by one year, answering our participants’ calls for consistency as they navigate the transition after high school.

    We continue to expand our career readiness and financial stability offerings, from in-person events, online webinars, and opportunities on Summer Search CONNECT. 

    From dedicated Career Coaches and Navigators, to engaging workshops, our teams enlisted support from alumni, board members, corporate partners, and volunteers, and many others.

    Money Mondays Zoom

    "Money Mondays" created by Seattle alumna Tigist Abebe & volunteer Susan Youngsman.

    Money Mondays Gets National Attention

    "Money Mondays" was an eight-part financial literacy webinar series (hosted on Summer Search CONNECT) designed to empower Summer Search students and alumni with financial knowledge, destigmatize conversations about money, and create a community of support.

    It was created by Tigist Abebe, Seattle alumna and Associate Consultant at Clarkston Consulting, and Susan Youngsman, Seattle super-volunteer and LPL Financial Advisor.

    In July 2022, Susan was nominated for the Volunteer of the Year award by the Invest in Others Foundation in recognition for "Money Mondays" - and she won! As part of her win, Summer Search Seattle received a $50,000 donation.

    In celebration of this momentous accomplishment, Therese Williams (Seattle's Senior Program Director) sat down with Susan to reflect on the journey to Money Mondays, the joy of collaboration, and the many highlights of Susan’s engagement with Summer Search.

    Honoring Every Step On The Journey

    Celebrating, Reflecting, & Supporting New Beginnings

    In 2022, our Post-Secondary mentors and Career Navigators continued partnering with students transitioning from high school into post-secondary life:

    • To ensure Summer Searchers stay on track towards their educational and long-term goals;
    • To celebrate, reflect, and support new beginnings in education and career.

    Summer Search NYC Alumni

    NYC alumni Ahmed, Saul, Breeana, and Andrew at the 2022 NYC Leadership Gala.


    Cesar Cortorreal Master's Degree

    Cesar "CJ" Cortorreal

    Summer Search Philadelphia Alumnus & Board Member

    "From first-generation high school graduate; to first-generation college graduate; to first-generation Master's graduate. 

    What is it that Summer Search says? 'Our world is better when every young person can find their potential.'"

    Connected & Engaged

    Boston Alumni Board

    The Boston Alumni Board awarded their 3rd annual Scholarship to four Summer Searchers with $2,500 each.

    Giving Back & Moving Forward

    Summer Search alumni are engaged with current Summer Search participants, helping to nurture the next generation of purpose-driven leaders.

    With the launch of Summer Search CONNECT, alumni are able to access current Summer Searchers in need of support, and also find connections to help advance their own careers.

    In 2023, we look forward to continuing to be in community together, with the return of our Alumni Summit & Leadership Conference, Aug. 4-6, in Boston. #ASLC2023

    Dariela Colon NYC Marathon

    Dariela Colon, NYC Alumna & Mentor, running the NYC Half Marathon in support of Summer Search.

    Dariela on Her Path Back to Summer Search

    "My experiences with Summer Search reminded me that I could work through discomfort and grow through challenges...

    As I pushed through my time at Fordham University, I realized I wanted to give back to some of the communities that helped shape me.

    As I worked in other organizations, I realized I wanted more 1:1 connection with students, which led me back to
    Summer Search as a mentor.

    - Dariela Colon, Summer Search NYC Alumna & Mentor

    Purpose-Driven Leaders

    Lucy and Yesenia

    Bay Area alumnae Lucy Fuentes (left photo) and Yesenia Magana-Muñoz (right photo, far left).

    Judith Garcia

    Judith Garcia, Boston alumna & Massachusetts State Representative.

    Alumni Achieving Their Dreams

    Bay Area alumnae Lucy Fuentes (left, above) and Yesenia Magana-Muñoz (right, with her family) shared huge milestones with the community on Summer Search CONNECT.

    • Lucy, who is a Social Worker pursuing a Doctor of Education at SF State, successfully defended her dissertation proposal! She has one more year and hopes to defend her dissertation by May 2023.
    • As for Yesenia, she shared that she and her family bought a house in Southern California! Yesenia had originally moved from the Bay to SoCal in 2010 to attend UC Riverside.

    Judith Garcia (right), Boston alumna & State Representative, became the first woman, Latina, and Central American elected to the Massachusetts Legislature!

    Financial Well-Being


    More alumni said they had set aside money specifically as emergency savings or "rainy day" funds (65%) compared to the national average (55%).


    For alumni with student debt, the majority of alumni hold debt of less than $20K compared to $50K for adults aged 22–35 who borrowed money for college.


    Nearly 1 in 4 alumni (23%) had no student loan debt when they completed their highest degree.

    Sense of Purpose


    *Roughly half of alumni (51%) received scores corresponding to feeling like their life has a valued meaning and purpose.


    96% of alumni said their summer experiences helped them explore their sense of purpose.

    Van Nguyen Med School

    Seattle alumnus Van Nguyen (second from right) with fellow University of Washington med students.


    This is Summer Search's own, exclusive online space for our community: Summer Search CONNECT supports young people in their journey of purpose, career readiness, and financial well-being.

    CONNECT is for P.R.O.s:

    For every step of the journey, Summer Searchers have People, Resources, and Opportunities.

    People. Resources. Opportunities.

    Marie Angeles and Ursulina Ramirez

    Seattle alumna Marie Angeles, connecting with Ursulina Ramirez, Summer Search CEO.

    3,400 Users...And Growing


    In 2022, Summer Search CONNECT continued to grow. Now we have more than 3,400 users in our online community!

    On a daily basis, Summer Searchers are connecting with peers and mentors, finding career coaches, joining groups, and sharing their stories to further their personal and professional goals.


    Through CONNECT, Summer Searchers have access to tools and tutorials to learn new things and grow their career and life skills.

    This, plus special access to scholarships, financial resources, and health and wellness supports.


    We were grateful to share more than 600 jobs, internships, externships, and other opportunities on CONNECT.

    Plus, more than 60 events were available for students, such as: Careers in Healthcare Panel, Resume Foundations Workshop, 2nd Annual Regional Career Conference, Money Mondays, CJE, and multiple Alumni Meet & Greets. 

    NYC Equinix Summer Searchers

    NYC and Equinix Summer Searchers Fabian Cabrera, Khadidiatou Ba, Abigail Rojas, and Jordan Singleton in 2022.

    Khadi's CONNECT(ed) Journey

    Khadidiatou "Khadi" Ba is a Summer Search NYC Alumna and Sales Support Associate at Equinix.

    Thanks to connections from the Summer Search network, Khadi started as an intern at Equinix in 2021 (which she proudly shared on CONNECT!).

    Now, after graduating from the University of Buffalo, she's a Sales Support Associate in the Equinix Global Sales Strategy and Operations department!

    Khadi is one of a handful of Summer Searchers working at Equinix, thanks to a strong partnership, lead by fellow NYC alum Jordan Singleton.

    Paola Avalos

    Paola Avalos

    Summer Search Bay Area Post-Secondary Student

    ...on CONNECT being easy to use

    “I love how user friendly [CONNECT] is, I was able to learn how to navigate it pretty quickly.

    I love the different areas where it feels both personal and professional by being able to share about accomplishments and then being able to look for work opportunities.” 

    Randy Batista

    Randy Batista

    Summer Search Bay Area Post-Secondary Student

    ...on the impact of networking on CONNECT

    "Summer Search CONNECT has taught me how powerful networking can be.

    I have gone from being someone lost with no direction to someone that knows where he wants to be and the steps to take to get to that destination." 

    CONNECT Partner Spotlight: The Clorox Company

    Clorox and Summer Search staff

    From right to left: Stella Yuen (far right) and Lindsey Yuan of The Clorox Company with Summer Search staff Leslie, Lillian, and Kelly.

    Stella Yuen

    Stella Yuen

    University Programs Lead,

    The Clorox Company

    “Having been introduced to the Summer Search organization from Clorox’s Community Relations team, the University Programs team was excited to interact with participants through a recruiting lens.

    We strive to provide resources to help entry level hires reach their career goals by participating in several workshops and shared open entry level roles with the Summer Searchers throughout the year.

    It’s amazing to see the impact we've made in our local communities and has been a pleasure being integrated and working with the Summer Search team in different capacities within Clorox.” 

    Partner Opportunities for Orgs of All Sizes

    Discover talent and investment opportunities via CONNECT.

    The CONNECT Team onboards new partners with access and training to Summer Search CONNECT to share jobs and opportunities with the Summer Search community.

    Our dedicated success team supports partner’s Summer Search employment and engagement goals by sourcing and supporting qualified Summer Search candidates throughout their talent acquisition cycles.

    Partners are provided opportunities to host and attend participant-facing recruiting events, including panels and career readiness workshops. 




    CJE Illustration from Student Debt Event

    Graphic illustration from our CJE Event: 'Unclog Student Debt From Your Talent Pipeline.'


    (Championing for justice & equity)

    Conversations On Race, Justice, & Inequity

    Our 2022 Events

    At Summer Search, we remain resolute in facing the hard truths of racial injustice, engaging in dialogue and debate, and actively working to change our world for the betterment of our participants' today, and into the future.

    In 2022 we continued CJE -- our series on race, justice, and systemic inequity -- a space for our broader community to learn, engage, and take definitive action in their personal and professional lives.

    Our 2022 events focused on:

    CJE Alumni Voices

    Zach Norris

    Zach Norris

    Summer Search Bay Area Alumnus

    & Author of "Defund Fear: Safety without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment." 

    ...on Criminal Justice Solutions

    CJE Criminal Justice Solutions - Speakers

    "The criminal justice system is supposed to produce safety...

    When you treat people with dignity, when you treat people with respect, that is actually positive and beneficial to community safety."

    Learn More: In Zach's book Defund Fear: Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment, he lays out a blueprint for evolving the idea of public safety toward growth and support systems for families and communities.

    Stacey Thompson

    Stacey Thompson

    Summer Search Bay Area Alumna

    & National Director of Learning and Development at 

    Summer Search

    ...on Mental Health

    CJE Advancing Equity in Mental Health - Speakers

    "Where there’s conflict, if handled with care, we have the opportunity to deepen relationships.

    When we talk about identity, when we have the opportunity to more deeply understand ourselves and others, then we can start to build more liberating experiences and environments around us.

    When we talk (about) and support mental health, we have the opportunity to make sure people feel deeply cared about, resourced, and supported."

    Learn More: See how Summer Search's Depth Mentoring approach has evolved to better support the mental health of our students and mentors.

    Carolina Cashaw

    Carolina Cashaw, RN, BSN

    Summer Search Bay Area Alumna

    & RN II at UCSF Mission Bay Benioff Children's Hospital

    ...on Advancing Equity in Healthcare

    CJE Advancing Equity in American Healthcare

    "[COVID] highlights the important idea that being sick is a real concern with going to work... like if you are sick, stay home and take care of yourself. Up until now, we've kind of overlooked the importance of self care.

    Now that COVID is evolving... remembering to be mindful of ourselves and everyone else will further help us become a stronger community."

    Tigist Abebe

    Tigist Abebe

    Summer Search Seattle Alumna

    & Associate Consultant at Clarkston Consulting

    ...on Student Debt

    CJE Unclog Student Debt From Your Talent Pipeline - Speakers

    "I’m hoping the conversation continues so that, ONE: we start to strategize our own ways to attack our personal debt.

    But TWO: we begin to advocate for ourselves in spaces that have the power to change them – whether that’s in your financial aid office or in your workplace. This is clearly a systemic problem that crosses generational lines, but it doesn’t have to continue with us."

    Learn More: Hear how Tigist partnered with volunteer Susan Youngsman and the Seattle team to create 'Money Mondays', a financial literacy series for Summer Search students. 

    Coming Soon: CJE Publication

    Stay Tuned...

    ...for our upcoming digital publication in 2023 showcasing the first seven events of our CJE Series!

    Students with Kroka Expeditions

    Boston and NYC students on a summer experience with Kroka Expeditions.


    Our Supporters & Partners

    Your Investment Uplifts...

    We are profoundly grateful for our network of partners and supporters—high schools, summer experience providers, corporate partners, foundations, and donors—who have continued to make Summer Search a priority. Their generous support, whether financially or through donation of services or goods, has been exceptional.



    Critically-Conscious Leaders

    First-Generation Firsts

    Experiential Learning

    Our Boards

    Explore Our Volunteer Leadership

    This list recognizes those who served on Summer Search boards during Fiscal Year '22 (Oct. 1, 2021 to Sep. 30, 2022). For our current board, visit Our Team.

    Summer Search Boards


    As an organization, Summer Search strives to be more equitable and inclusive in our work and in our practices. Our list of supporters more closely aligns with our commitment to be more inclusive and equitable in acknowledgement and appreciation to all the people and organizations that contribute to our work each day.

    We are highlighting our supporters who have supported us not only financially but also through donation of services and goods. This also includes those who have made multi-year commitments in FY22 for future years, which increases our financial sustainability and confidence to the long-term commitment we make with our incoming students each year.

    Beyond those listed below, we appreciate the volunteers, teachers, schools, community programs, staff, and families who make our work possible. Thank you.

    This list recognizes each donor's generous support during/for Fiscal Year 2022 (October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022).

    Click below to expand the list.

    Thank You to Our FY22 Supporters

    List Key:

    * Summer Search Alumni or Student

    ~ Board

    + Staff

    ^ Deceased

    > Multi-Year Supporter in FY22

    100Cameras | 5 51 5 Foundation | 5 Ryan Foundation | 6Sense | Albert O. Wilson Foundation | Anna May Abbott ~ | ABR Dynamic Funds, LLC | ACE American Insurance Company | Amy and David Abrams | Adrianna Abreu | Nathaly Abreu * | Accenture | Daniel Ackman | Adams Street Partners | Andrew Adams | Jane Adams | Jeff Adberg | Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation | Adebola Aderinto * | Bridget Adiukwu | Adobe | Lauren Adriani | Adtalem Global Education Foundation | Adventure Risk Challenge | Kathryn and Ajay Agarwal | Pramila Agrawal | Renato Agrella | Carolina Aguilar-Restrepo * | Annette Aguilera-Gonzalez * | Eli Aheto | Amanda Ahlgren and George Kellar | Sheela Ahluwalia | Imran Ahmed | AIG | Dawn Aiken and Miguel de Campos | Jacqueline Akpan | Nana Akyaa | Alaska Airlines | Laura Alber and Ned Klingelhofer | Mason Alberts | Alex. 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    Financials for Fiscal Year '22 (Oct. 1, 2021 to Sep. 30, 2022). See more on our Financials page or our PDF version.

    Boston Students at their Overnight Orientation

    Boston students and mentors during their Overnight Wilderness Orientation.