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The Summer Search relationship has always been mutual. We gave you opportunities that helped to shape you into a leader, and we need your help to enable students to have the same experiences that you did. Help create the Summer Search experience for more students across the country by giving today!


Every dollar that you give helps us provide summer trips, year-round mentoring, and college support for a Summer Search student just like you.

  • $102 pays for one backpacks for a student’s wilderness expedition
  • $254 provides basic equipment a sophomore needs for their life-changing summer program: sleeping bag, hiking boots, and backpack
  • $670 provides a student with one-on-one college counseling
  • $2,721 covers discounted tuition for one student's life-changing summer program
  • $6,483 supports a student for a whole year in Summer Search, including weekly mentoring, college counseling, and one summer program
  • $13,605 covers discounted tuition for five students' life-changing summer programs

Summer Search is supported by donors who want to see that you as Summer Search students and alumni value the experiences we offer. By staying connected and financially supporting the program, you demonstrate how significant Summer Search is to you.

Donate Now!


In addition to your financial contributions, we could also use your time. Sign up to volunteer with us! Fill out a volunteer application in order to:

  • Assist staff at Spring and Fall Events and Runs
  • Be an advocate for Summer Search by speaking at events and meetings
  • Help younger Alumni get college internships
  • Serve alongside other alums at Community Service Day

fy 2010 alumni donors

THANK YOU to the classes of 2010-1990 from across the country who participated in the 2010 Alumni Giving Challenge!

Click here for a full list of FY2010 Alumni Donors

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