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WATCH: Advancing Equity in Mental Health

Advancing Equity in Mental Health

In our sixth installment of our CJE series, we continue our conversation on Advancing Equity in American Healthcare, turning our focus to Mental Health.

Our event has concluded.

Our Speakers and Panelists

Host: Jeff Dorigan

Senior VP, Brown Brothers Harriman.

Board Chair, Summer Search Boston.

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Jeff Dorigan leads business development and sales in the Americas for BBH’s Alternative Fund Services business, covering real estate, private equity, private credit, and hedge funds. Jeff joined BBH in 2018 with significant experience delivering enterprise solutions to alternative fund managers.

Additionally, Jeff worked in the technology and professional services sector, launching and managing two technology services businesses, one of which was named to Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies. 

Outside of BBH, Jeff serves as the board chair for Summer Search Boston, a non-profit organization focused on helping predominantly low-income and diverse high school students overcome educational opportunity gaps and graduate from college.

Jeff graduated from Lake Forest College and received an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

Anika Hawkins

Moderator: Anika 'Niki' Hawkins

Vice President of Community Engagement, 6abc, WPVI-TV.

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Anika 'Niki' Hawkins is the Vice President of Community Engagement for the Philadelphia ABC Affiliate - 6abc, WPVI-TV.

Prior to her work in community engagement, Niki spent 14 years as a writer and producer.

A resident of Philadelphia, Hawkins is a Spelman College alumnus, receiving a degree in Drama and Theater.

Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman

Vice President of Research, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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Jill Harkavy-Friedman, PhD is the Senior Vice President of Research and leads the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s (AFSP) research program to advance the field of suicide prevention. AFSP's research program provides funding to research grants, offers workshops and training to researchers and disseminates research findings to increase public awareness and support advocacy in mental health and suicide prevention.

With 35 years of experience as a clinician and a researcher, she is passionate about translating research into practice, publishing over 100 peer-reviewed articles. She assists with AFSP’s development of programs and messages that reflect best practices and current research. She works with other national and international research organizations to help set the suicide prevention research agenda and encourage innovative research.

Dr. Harkavy-Friedman earned her B.A. in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and her PhD. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Florida. She completed her internship at Yale-New Haven Hospital. In 1984, she joined Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, establishing the Adolescent Depression and Suicide Program. In 1989, she moved to Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute where she is an associate professor in the department of psychiatry. She joined the staff of AFSP in 2011. She maintains a clinical practice in Manhattan.

Dr. Vanessa Hintz

Senior Director of EDI Engagement and Outreach, American Psychological Association.

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Dr. Vanessa Hintz is a licensed clinical psychologist, workshop leader and keynote speaker. She currently serves as the Senior Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Engagement and Outreach for the American Psychological Association.

In her career, Dr. Hintz has worked in various clinical settings with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide array of presenting issues. She is an active proponent of multicultural practice and theory and works dynamically to understand how individuals make meaning of the world within their various cultural contexts.

Dr. Hintz is also a self-proclaimed "Psych Geek," and incorporates elements of popular culture into her work when beneficial. Dr. Hintz has engaged with practitioners and scholars in the fields of academia, consultation, and training, utilizing expertise in psychology and human behavior to provide insights focused on principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Stacey Thompson

National Director of Learning & Development, Summer Search.

Depth Mentoring Designer.

Summer Search Bay Area Alumna.

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Stacey has Summer Search in her DNA. An alumna of our San Francisco program, she credits her experience as a Summer Searcher for her drive to help others use their unique gifts towards growth and positive change. Stacey graces our training program with her true insight and understanding about how and what makes Summer Search work.

Stacey spent three years as Program Director helping launch our New York office, before rejoining our team in her hometown of San Francisco. During her college years, she taught environmental education in Ecuador and served as one of our best interns ever, worked as a Project Manager with our North Bay team before graduating and being snapped up by our New York team.

The first in her family to graduate from college, Stacey holds a BA in Women and gender studies from Sonoma State University. When she is not serving as a shining example of the grit and determination we see in our alumni, Stacey is immersed in reading, exploring with her husband and children and scheming in the sunshine about rejoining the world of long-distance running and learning to build beautiful handmade furniture. Stacey and her family live in San Francisco.

Championing for Justice & Equity (CJE) is:

  • A 3-year conversation on race, justice, and systemic inequity;

  • A program that empowers you to take transformative action within your organization;

  • An education, a look in the mirror, and a path forward.

Dr. Angela Jackson

"We have an opportunity to redesign long-held systems that have failed People of Color for centuries."

- Dr. Angela Jackson,

Managing Partner, New Profit.

CJE Speaker


For People of Color and first-generation individuals, systemic barriers exist that block access to high quality education, mentoring, opportunities for growth, and networks.

These barriers extend into the professional world, even within the most forward-thinking and in-tune organization.


It's time to fundamentally reimagine how companies and organizations work while attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Let's build inclusive, anti-racist organizations that positively interact with their communities and contribute to a more-equitable society.

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Past Event:

Advancing Equity in American Healthcare, Part 1

Advancing Equity in American Healthcare

In April, we discussed the vast inequities that exist at every level of the United States' healthcare system, disparities that COVID-19 has magnified, especially for BIPOC individuals and communities.

In Part 1 of our two-part series, our panel of health experts and practitioners laid the foundation for understanding these inequities, as well as presented reforms and public policy efforts aimed at promoting equity, improving health outcomes, and increasing access to care.

About CJE

In 2020, we launched our Black Lives Matter Community Series to bring the Summer Search community together to heal, learn, and take action. That series has evolved into our CJE initiative.

Today, we present CJE as a series of provocative conversations around race, justice, and equity in an open and safe space. We gather to share and learn ways to become knowledgeable champions for change.

This three-year initiative is designed to:

  • Support our larger community to gain greater understanding on inclusion, diversity, and innovation;
  • Promote healing, minimize harm, and create a sense of belonging for all in the larger community;
  • Work with experts in the larger community to build practices that deepen understanding of differences and further increase collaboration.

CJE Leadership

Hermese Velasquez

Hermese Velasquez

Executive Director, Summer Search Boston


Sylvia Watts McKinney

Sylvia Watts McKinney

Executive Director, Summer Search Philadelphia