for Justice & Equity

Championing for Justice & Equity (CJE) is:

  • A 3-year conversation on race, justice, and systemic inequity;

  • A program that empowers you to take transformative action within your organization;

  • An education, a look in the mirror, and a path forward.

Dr. Angela Jackson

"We have an opportunity to redesign long-held systems that have failed People of Color for centuries."

- Dr. Angela Jackson,

Managing Partner, New Profit.

CJE Speaker


For People of Color and first-generation individuals, systemic barriers exist that block access to high quality education, mentoring, opportunities for growth, and networks.

These barriers extend into the professional world, even within the most forward-thinking and in-tune organization.


It's time to fundamentally reimagine how companies and organizations work while attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Let's build inclusive, anti-racist organizations that positively interact with their communities and contribute to a more-equitable society.

1/25/22 - CJE: Criminal Justice Solutions

Criminal Justice Solutions - CJE

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There are few areas of American society where racial disparities are as profound and troubling as in the criminal justice system. Join us as we discuss these inequities and examine opportunities to grant equal protection for all under the law. Specifically:

* How criminal justice system policy contributes to racial disparities;

* Mass incarceration's current trends and its impact on communities of color;

* Recommendations for reform to reduce the number of people unnecessarily entering the system, eliminate racial disparities, and create opportunities for second chances.

Our Speakers

Zach Norris

Zach Norris

Executive Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Author, Defund Fear: Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment.

Summer Search Bay Area Alumnus.

Louis Reed - CJE Speaker

Louis Reed

Sr. Director, Membership & Partnerships, REFORM Alliance.


Lara Zarowsky

Lara Zarowsky

Executive Director, Washington Innocence Project.

Tom Cole

Host: Tom Cole

Managing Partner, Troutman Pepper.

Board Member, Summer Search Philadelphia.

Rehema Ellis

Moderator: Rehema Ellis

Chief Education Correspondent, NBC News.

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CJE: Closing the Education Equity Gap 

On September 28, 2021, our panel of thought leaders as examined racial equity in the education system and sought to understand how/why school opportunities, outcomes, and environments differ along racial lines. Our attendees walked away with a greater understanding of:

  1. Education reform and policy development;

  2. How race plays a role in opportunities and outcomes for students;

  3. How COVID exasperated learning along racial lines in urban areas;

  4. The future of education equity and how we can all play a role.

About CJE

In 2020, we launched our Black Lives Matter Community Series to bring the Summer Search community together to heal, learn, and take action. That series has evolved into our CJE initiative.

Today, we present CJE as a series of provocative conversations around race, justice, and equity in an open and safe space. We gather to share and learn ways to become knowledgeable champions for change.

This three-year initiative is designed to:

  • Support our larger community to gain greater understanding on inclusion, diversity, and innovation;
  • Promote healing, minimize harm, and create a sense of belonging for all in the larger community;
  • Work with experts in the larger community to build practices that deepen understanding of differences and further increase collaboration.

CJE Leadership

Kris Leja

Kris Leja

Executive Director, Summer Search Bay Area


Dr. Marc Spencer

CEO, Summer Search


Hermese Velasquez

Hermese Velasquez

Executive Director, Summer Search Boston


Sylvia Watts McKinney

Sylvia Watts McKinney

Executive Director, Summer Search Philadelphia