March 17, 2023

Standing with Pride

Brendan Hill

Brendan is the National Marketing & Communications Manager at Summer Search.

At Summer Search, we honor the identities of our community.

We uplift their stories and truths. Today, and everyday.

We also must acknowledge the continuing, and rapidly spreading anti-trans, anti-drag, anti-queer legislation, rhetoric, and violence across the country.

As MJ Jones, Summer Search’s National Project Manager of Post-Secondary Programs, recently shared in a staff email, “To be mindful of mental wellness and triggers, I won’t share specific events/laws/acts of violence here, but I do want to acknowledge that this is ongoing and is frightening, is affecting members of our Summer Search community.

If you are a queer/trans Summer Searcher in need of support, please reach out to one of your mentors.

We unequivocally support and honor our LGBTQIA2-S (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Gender Expansive, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Two-Spirit) students, alumni, families, staff, partners, and supporters.

In that spirit, we proudly re-share this special version of the Summer Search logo (above), reflecting the inclusive spirit of the Progressive Pride Flag (originally designed by Daniel Quasar in 2018 to include People of Color, Trans individuals, and those living with HIV/AIDS and those who have been lost). (Originally shared in June 2021).

Take action:

Organizations and resources to explore (shared by Summer Search staff):

Summer Search stands with and for our students and their families, regardless of immigration status, gender, sexuality, race, ability, or religion.


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