2012 San Francisco Leadership Luncheon   

Summer Search San Francisco invites you to join us for the 2012 Leadership Luncheon!

Join Summer Search students, supporters and staff for an afternoon of celebration, inspiration and change at the 2012 San Francisco Leadership Luncheon, honoring founding Board Member John Osterweis. Summer Search works to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity, and helps students achieve a future that is not defined by economic status but rather by their vision and drive to succeed.

Toni Breck, Dana Emery, Helen Spalding, 2012 Leadership Luncheon Co-Chairs

Table sponsorships are available at the following levels:
• $25,000 Bay Area Sponsor
• $15,000 Luminary Sponsor
• $10,000 Visionary Sponsor
• $5,000 Leader Sponsor
• $2,500 Mentor Sponsor

Individual tickets are available at the following levels:
• $1,000, $500 or $250

Donations are tax deductible less $46 per attendee at the 2012 San Francisco Leadership Luncheon. Summer Search tax ID #68-0200138.

Watch Jesus speak at the 2011 Luncheon about his Summer Search experience and the growth he's experienced since joining the program.

Alumna Dung Le talks about how Summer Search broke her "barnacle" outlook on life and her future.

Special thanks to our corporate sponsors!


Host Committee

Toni Breck, Luncheon Co-Chair
Dana Emery, Luncheon Co-Chair
Helen Spalding, Luncheon Co-Chair

Ann Alpers
Constance Goodyear Baron and Barry C.Baron M.D.
Cynthia*+ and Gary Bengier
Karen Bergman~
Za and Sig Berven
Toni and Peter Breck
Linda and Joseph Chong
Eric Christofferson* and Alissa Lee
Courtney Cooney
Penny and James Coulter
Jan D’Alessandro
Cathy and Sandy Dean
Brad DeFoor
Stephanie DiMarco+ and Jim Harleen
Becky Draper
Carrie and Stouffer Egan
Dana+ and Bob Emery
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Coby and Betsy Everdell
Laura Fay
Jason M. Fish and Courtney Benoist
Darla and Pat* Flanagan
John and Laura Fisher
Randi and Bob Fisher
Michelle and Robert* Friend
Andrea* and Kevin Fuller
Jessica Parish Galloway
Kevin Gay and Ramona Hanes
Sally+ and William Hambrecht
Nancy and William Hammonds
Corinne Hedrick
Lori and Deke Hunter
Katherine and Duncan Kennedy
Claire and Stephen Kingsley
Patricia and Robin+ Klaus
Sasha* and Irina Kovriga
Millicent and Robert Lalanne
Deborah Matthews
Hilary and Mark McInerney
Carolyn and Alex Mehran
Steven L. Merrill
Helen and Brad Miller
Stephanie and Jim+ Milligan
Tammy and Kurt Mobley
John Murray* and Gail Covington
Jeffrey* and Darice O’Neill
Elizabeth~ and David Obershaw
Kenneth Olivier~ and Angela Nomellini
Ellanor Notides, Christie's
Arthur and Louise Patterson
Liebe Patterson
Melanie Peña* and Mark Perry
Kent Radspinner and Mai Anh Phan
Jeff* and Linda Rosenthal
Susan and Alan Rothenberg
Mary Schaefer
Chara Schreyer
Tricia and Chuck Sellman
Debbie and Michael Shepherd
Bobbi Silten+
Helen* and Richard Spalding
Peter Sullivan
Roselyne C. Swig
Phyllis and Theodore Swindells
Chris Tatro and Tom Kim
Charlotte and Scott Tracy
Susan and David Tunnell
Kirby Walker* and Paul Danielsen
Katherine Welch
Diane B. Wilsey
Stacey Welsh*
Diane Blanchard Whiting
Lawson and Mary Bess Willard
Lisa and Ted+ Williams
John and Averel Wilson
Greg and Jodi Young

* San Francisco Board Member
~ Silicon Valley Board Member
+ National Board Member

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