EDWARD YU, New York city '05 Alumnus

Edward Yu on mountain

“I have obtained courage from my Summer Search journeys to change my present and future, and I now have the wisdom to tell the difference between my past, my present, and the future. Summer Search has helped me and many other Summer Search students to become the solution of the future.”

Edward grew up in New York City and spent much of his childhood living independently from his parents, who moved to Colorado to find jobs when he was 10 years old. As Edward struggled to understand this separation, he found it difficult to reach out to others for support or guidance and became very shy and withdrawn. When Edward was in middle school, his father returned to New York with the devastating news that he was diagnosed with cancer. After his father’s death the following year, Edward was overwhelmed by his conflicting feelings of loss and anger.

In his first Summer Search interview, Edward shared his story as well as these complicated feelings for the first time. We were deeply impressed with this sensitive young man and accepted him into the program that day.

Through Summer Search, Edward continued to build on the courage he showed in his interview. The summer after his sophomore year, he participated in a challenging Outward Bound course in Oregon. He climbed mountains, trusted his fellow campers to hear his story and experiences and quickly became a leader in his group. That fall he wrote an extremely compelling essay which became part of the year’s best essay packet. Edward also delivered a speech before 200 people at that year’s Fall Event explaining how he was changing and developing through the Summer Search program.

In addition to his success in Summer Search, Edward took on leadership roles at school—initiating a community service project to collect and send shoes to kids in Africa. The following summer, Edward went on a community service trip to Ecuador where he became an integral part of the group, supporting others and achieving goals he didn’t think were possible. We look for students who care about others and have a deep desire to give back. Edward has repeatedly demonstrated this altruism and has been able to develop and channel his kindness in more global ways.

Coming from a non-English speaking household, Edward became a strong academic performer and has blossomed personally. He graduated from Newtown High School in Queens in 2005 and is now a college sophomore at Baruch University.

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